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Welcome To Faithless

Faithless is a fun and loving guild who is accepting new members. If you would like to join just ask any one who is a members of Faithless to add you. Faithless has 100+ members right now and is a level 6 guild . We are usually situated at Alice Channel 3.  Moonribbon is the guild leader, while  Markanos is second in command. Everyone helps each other out and we occasionally do world and guild bosses.


Fallen: u have been n the guild for to weeks and u have not trolled ( trolled= u have not started fights with any one XD )

Hellion: must be lvl 39+ u have help and shown good effort in to helping guild members. u must have made 100 guild prestige's  and have done 10 guild quest

Harbinger: has add 10 new people to the guild  does not have a short temper as help 5 people and has to be lvl 45 ( there is more rules coming with this rank so ya b on the look out)
 yes i was a harbinger of like 10 seconds befor i told moon to derank me XD
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